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ArcaSearch digital archiving services on show at ACRL

Be sure to visit ArcaSearch during the ACRL 2013 Conference,  “Imagine, Innovate, Inspire.”  Our team will be there to greet you in Booth 331 to demonstrate ArcaSearch cutting-edge digital imaging technology. And our Compass Research System will surpass all expectations for immediate, accurate and easy-to-navigate access to your ArcaSearch cloud-hosted digital archive.  (But if you’re looking to incorporate very high quality digital images into your own IT system, we can talk about that, too!)

While you are visiting, be sure to register for the free iPAD3.

ArcaSearch's new website has been launched!

ArcaSearch Digital Archiving is proud to announce the launch of its new corporate website featuring numerous informative videos and actual examples of our work across a wide variety of clients.

No other digital-services provider delivers the depth of information about its processes than ArcaSearch – we want to help you develop the best-informed decision possible for your digitization project. ArcaSearch shares with you:

  • Our image capture process
  • Our patented OCR capabilities
  • Our Mobile Archive Express on-site imaging capabilities
  • Our “180-degree” customer promise
  • Our Compass Research Systems
  • Our ability to “active your archive”

At you can request a live demonstration applicable to your specific interests or view videos of the ArcaSearch cloud-based Compass Research System for educational institutions, government, publishing and the private sector.

We are proud of the international standard ArcaSearch has set in digital imaging profession, as shown by materials from the St. John’s Bible Project. Our quality is incomparable, our patented OCR and Compass Research System simply amazing, and our pricing is competitive.

ArcaSearch demonstrates custom-fabricated image-capture system and our unparalleled Compass Research System

Across the country, county government officials are looking to ArcaSearch for solutions to a pressing dual-faceted challenge: preserving one-of-a-kind original documents and, at the same time, providing greater access to public records. For example, in the Western energy-producing states of Colorado, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming, county clerk and recorders are pressed to protect records while providing increasing requests for access to them.  In recent weeks, ArcaSearch team members have demonstrated our digital photography image-capture system and our unparalleled Compass Research System at statewide county government conferences in Bismarck, North Dakota, and Bozeman, Montana. Utah officials can expect us at their annual meeting Nov. 16-18 in St. George.

County officers universally comment on the exceptionally sharp digital photography images captured by the ArcaSearch process, usually comparing them to less-satisfactory flatbed scanner images.

Meanwhile, ArcaSearch is responding to needs in higher education and research libraries by presenting solutions to special collections digitization projects.   Again, archivists note the excellence in ArcaSearch image-capture technology as well as the extremely accurate research system specifically tailored for their needs.  ArcaSearch was proud to attend conferences of the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists at the University of Colorado at Boulder and the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association in Boise, Idaho.

ArcaSearch team members can provide you with a Web-meeting to demonstrate precisely how our technology works for clients in local government, higher education, non-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies. We’re certain you’ll be impressed.

Why should ArcaSearch host your archive?

  •  It often is the most cost-efficient method because ArcaSearch serves a variety of public- and private-sector customers and can pass “scale-of-economy” benefits to clients.
  •  You can conserve your own IS/IT resources.
  •  As technology is in constant change, current technology is continuously monitored by ArcaSearch. Updates to your archive are correctly identified and applied to your archive by ArcaSearch staff so that access to your archive remains current and problem-free.
  • You remain in contact with ArcaSearch staff – a highly trained and experienced resource for your organization.
  • You’ll stay “ahead of the curve” – because ArcaSearch staff consistently monitors your archive you will be confident there won’t be caught by a time-consuming and productivity-wasting retrofit of your archive technology.

Soon:  ‘More for you’ at

You’ll find a wealth of information about ArcaSearch Digital Archiving services and technology at the entirely new early part 2013.  Based on customer suggestions and questions, we are completely redesigning the site with informative videos to better explain our products and services.

The site will put the spotlight on featured projects and customer case-studies, and we’ll do our best to keep current with how-to information and items of particular interest to the archival community.

ArcaSearch Displays Digitization Services at SAA

You are invited to visit with the ArcaSearch team during the 75th Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archivists Aug. 22-27 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.  Stop by Booth 201 to learn about ArcaSearch services to higher education, not-for-profit groups, archivists working in the private sector and government agencies at every level.

ArcaSearch offers high-quality digitization services with its process-patented photographic image capture, and enhances the digital archive via its accurate and powerful research system. We promise you’ll be impressed by our two-minute demonstration.

While you are there, please do register to win a free Apple iPad 2 courtesy of ArcaSearch. ArcaSearch Sales and Marketing Director Tim Sixta, East Region Sales Manager Jeff Ruprecht and West Region Sales Manager Peter Fox look forward to answering your questions about creating accessible, keyword-searchable digital archives and demonstrating the system that has won high praise from dozens of professional archivists.

See you in Chicago!

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