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Mobile Archive eXpress Team returns from mission to preserve fragile Portuguese-language newspapers

“MAX” has returned from a trip to the West Coast – but it wasn’t for a surfing vacation or touring the Napa-Sonoma wine country. Rather, MAX was preserving a delicate segment of American history in the form of a collection of rare and fragile Portuguese-language newspapers held in a private collection in San Leandro, south of San Francisco.

ArcaSearch images of the collection now have been incorporated into the online archives Diário de Notícias maintained by the Claire T. Carney Library at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. The archive began as a digitized version of a regional paper known locally as the "Portuguese Daily News," which served the vibrant Portuguese-American community in Massachusetts and elsewhere in New England and the East Coast. 
ArcaSearch was selected by the Carney Library to create the archive of Portuguese-language newspapers dating back to 1885.  As just one sector of its clientele, ArcaSearch serves hundreds of U.S. and Canadian newspapers and three American statewide newspaper trade associations.

Because of the fragile nature of the San Leandro collection, it was necessary for MAX to carry ArcaSearch technology to California. MAX, the ArcaSearch mobile archiving studio, is equipped with custom-designed equipment to scan and archive sensitive documents on site without stress or damage.

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