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ArcaSearch's new website has been launched!

ArcaSearch Digital Archiving is proud to announce the launch of its new corporate website featuring numerous informative videos and actual examples of our work across a wide variety of clients.

No other digital-services provider delivers the depth of information about its processes than ArcaSearch – we want to help you develop the best-informed decision possible for your digitization project. ArcaSearch shares with you:

  • Our image capture process
  • Our patented OCR capabilities
  • Our Mobile Archive Express on-site imaging capabilities
  • Our “180-degree” customer promise
  • Our Compass Research Systems
  • Our ability to “active your archive”

At you can request a live demonstration applicable to your specific interests or view videos of the ArcaSearch cloud-based Compass Research System for educational institutions, government, publishing and the private sector.

We are proud of the international standard ArcaSearch has set in digital imaging profession, as shown by materials from the St. John’s Bible Project. Our quality is incomparable, our patented OCR and Compass Research System simply amazing, and our pricing is competitive.