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ArcaSearch is a complete, integrated document archival and research system. Let’s talk about how you can protect, preserve and make your archive relevant today and in the future.


No other provider can deliver the high-quality digital imaging format that is the custom signature of ArcaSearch.


We know original documents can't be released as you may need immediate access to them; as a result we come to you with MAX, our Mobile Archive eXpress, and work on site.



County and municipal governments are incomparably served by the ArcaSearch solution for preserving and accessing the historically valuable original, one-of-a kind materials that records custodians are statutorily required to protect. No other provider can deliver the color quality of high-resolution digital imaging that is the custom signature of ArcaSearch.


Government Samples Gallery

  • Large Bound Books
  • Pinned Books
  • Commission Minutes
  • Records
  • Photo Static Records
  • Tract Indexes
  • Tax Lists
  • Road Records
  • Survey Records
  • Ditch Map
  • Plat Maps
  • Large Format Maps
  • Photographs
  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • Aperture Cards

ArcaSearch’s Compass Research System is a user friendly, yet powerful, cloud-based application custom designed to navigate your historical county documents. The Compass Research System offers a content-on-demand environment built to take advantage of ArcaSearch’s 24-bit enhanced full-color high-resolution digitized archival images.

Designed to mirror your current interaction with historical records, the Compass Research System enables you to visually navigate tract indexes, and with a simple book and page query, directly retrieve the document. In addition to directly navigating to your content, you and your staff will be able to interact with your documents like never before by utilizing the Compass’s professional-grade text search feature.