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ArcaSearch is trusted by museums and libraries around the world to digitize priceless original documents and produce reproductions with our fine art digital printers. We’re excited and proud to be part of these historic projects.

Fine artists, curators, collectors, archivists and scholars at libraries and museums have relied on ArcaSearch to recreate rare and historical images for displays, reproduction, archives and scholarly pursuits. Such digital files and facsimiles have created revenue opportunities for our clients and made more objects accessible to patrons.

We’ve been successful in digitally archiving original artwork, rare manuscripts, prints, books, and other priceless documents from around the world for future generations.


For easy access we offer our Compass Research System; an ArcaSearch hosted cloud-based application. The core technology employed in ArcaSearch’s Compass Research System has proven to be the single most cost-effective solution to historic-records management challenges faced by higher education, publishers, businesses and local governments. The Compass Research System is adapted to the specific requirements of each individual client for the secure preservation and ready access of its document archives.