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Beginning in the mid-1990s and early 2000s, the digital revolution in printing hit newspaper and magazine publishers like a tsunami wave.  ArcaSearch has responded with creative solutions. While publishers moved forward with plate-to-press technologies and a multitude of electronic platforms for their products, they faced unforeseen challenges with transforming historic print editions into electronic archives, responding to requests for electronic tear sheets for advertisers, and particularly for newspaper publishers devastating proposals to divest newspapers of their historic roles of providing statutorily required public notices to their communities.

ArcaSearch led the way with an unprecedented method of digitizing bound editons of historic newspapers and transforming them into text-searchable, on-line research vaults. Even today, no other print-conversation method even approaches the quality, reliability and research power of ArcaSearch technology and its Compass Research System – image a word-search engine capable of probing millions of pages simultaneously with pin-point precision!




State and regional newspaper associations face special challenges as their individual members confront and adapt to epochal changes in serving their customers and communities.  ArcaSearch can help associations develop new revenue streams and reduce expenses with its solutions for creating electronic clipping bureaus, electronic tearsheets and provision of on-line content libraries (morgues) for individual publications or groups.  ArcaSearch also has a low-cost solution for creating publicly accessible public-notice web sites that can strengthen newspaper’s critical role in American society as independent provider of essential public-notice information.

Additional revenue generation opportunities exist with state library systems and state historical societies – give us a call to learn how it can be done.  We have the experience. 



For easy access we offer our Compass Research System; an ArcaSearch hosted cloud-based application. The core technology employed in ArcaSearch’s Compass Research System has proven to be the single most cost-effective solution to historic-records management challenges faced by higher education, publishers, businesses and local governments. The Compass Research System is adapted to the specific requirements of each individual client for the secure preservation and ready access of its document archives.