What do we mean by the “ArcaSearch 180 Difference”?

Simply this: As you consider a digital archiving project, it is helpful to understand that nearly every vendor will approach your materials solely on the basis of their equipment. In nearly every case, that equipment will be high-speed scanners – usually automated. In this approach, the material has to fit the equipment. Many times documents are damaged, and the results of one-setting scanning can be less than satisfactory for you.

In contrast, the first consideration for ArcaSearch is providing you with the optimal image. Our first step is to learn from you the nature of your materials and how you want them preserved. Then, we “work backwards” by fitting our custom-fabricated image capture stations and specialty processing to your specific materials.  This customer-focused ArcaSearch process results in the safest care of your documents and best-quality image to meet your specific requirements.

And while most scanning companies end their services after “the scan,” image capture is the just the start of the customer-satisfaction process for ArcaSearch. After this initial step, each item is brought through ArcaSearch’s patented process for delivering high-precision OCR while at the same time delivering an image optimized for viewing quality.  

We call it the “ArcaSearch 180° Difference.”